Master Classes


“How simply DELIGHTFUL you were in the role of Master Teacher, Beth.  Memorable analogies, fresh word use, full respect for students and teachers and much joy generated…”
~Virginia Wallace, Northeast Kansas Music Teachers Association


“The Master Class for NEKMTA was wonderful.  Your sparkling personality and on-target comments were much appreciated.”
~Betty Lippe, President, Northeast Kansas Music Teachers Association


“As soon as Beth enters the room, we perk up in happy anticipation of four intense hours of her Master Class, in which each of us gets personal attention to our unique needs. Slowly a thematic thread develops –  which  addresses us all and  fuses us into a warm, sharing group. Beth’s patient encouragement banishes performance anxiety, and we often laugh at the witty metaphors she uses to illustrate corrections.  Thanks to Beth’s classes, I have had a personal breakthrough in my choice of pieces and in my willingness to play for others.”
~Dr. Renate Bridenthal, Professor Emerita, Department of History, Brooklyn College, The City University of New York


“I always feel so enriched after your New York Master Classes.”
~Florence Romanov, pianist, Wilton, Connecticut


“I found Beth Grace’s Master Class particularly rewarding. I was more than usually impressed with Beth’s ability to find major considerations of technique and musicality that seem to be universal concerns.”
~Elaine Strauss, pianist – New Brunswick, NJ


“What I particularly appreciate about her Master Classes is her ability to take the group of pieces we elect to play, which vary widely in difficulty and choice of repertory, and find common themes to emphasize. She’s also very exact and expressive in her comments and examples, so I learn a lot from her responses to the performances of other members of the class, not just from her responses to mine.”
~Dr. Joan Hartman – Professor Emerita, Former Dean of the College of Staten Island, The City University of New York


“ Beth is a knowledgeable and effective teacher, and she also has a pleasing personality .  She creates a comfortable situation during the lesson so that I always come away feeling good and looking forward to practicing.”
~Taubyl Bell, Princeton New Jersey