From Students



“Mrs. Grace, the lectures and information you gave to us, I will keep with me forever. You really helped me gain a better sense of that I need to do in order to have a career in music.”
~Jonathan R., age 17, Lamont School of Music, Pre-College Summer Academy


“Thanks for always helping me to see how much fun and exciting playing piano can be!”
~Chloe, age 7


“My technique looks better, feels better and I sound better!”
~Abby, age 13


“Your passion for music inspires me so much every time I see you. I always leave your Studio feeling so encouraged and like I could take on anything.”
~Ellie, age 16


“She has high standards and she expects her adult students to come prepared. I appreciate her taking my playing seriously enough to make the necessary corrections and suggestions. Rather than simply answering a question, she leads you to answering it for yourself.  Through Beth’s guidance, pieces that I played years ago have taken on a new life.  What a joy!”
~Richard Moore, President, Commerce Mortgage Corporation


“Beth has a combination of stellar qualities. She is a magnificent teacher, technically, musically, and personally. Her knowledge of the repertoire is encyclopedic and she delights in finding ingenious solutions to piano problems.”
~Elaine Strauss, adult student, Music Journalist, US 1 Newspaper, Princeton, New Jersey


 From Parents

“Beth was our son’s piano teacher for five summers, and we have the highest regard for her. Our only problem was that it was impossible to find a teacher for the rest of the year who came close to her way of teaching!”
~Barbra Weidlein, Boulder, Colorado, MajoringinMusic.com


“Anita has told me a couple of times that playing the piano isn’t boring any more to her since she started with you. Thank YOU Mrs. Grace for having my girls in your Studio!”
~Tara, mother of Anita, age 11 and Jean, age 16


“Mrs. Grace’s strengths are student focused and motivating.  Beth is an extremely competent teacher as you can see from her resume.  She also focuses on the proper ways of using the body, facilitating successful piano playing, without stress or injury to the body.  This is her greatest passion.  She is a wonderful, wonderful teacher.”
~Wendi, mother of Mia, age 9


“Abby is really excited about lessons and what she is learning.  You provide a nice balance of challenging and encouraging her. She seems to even enjoy practicing because she knows another lesson is coming up.”
~Christine, mother of Abby, age 15


“My daughter seems to be growing by leaps and bounds and she’s enjoying it! Thanks for all the encouragement and challenges you’ve given her this year.”
~Leah, mother of Anna, age 12


“Merritt came home and practiced her pieces after her lesson last night and boy, does she sound great!  You obviously gave her all the right tips to perfect her pieces for the competition.”
~Melissa, mother of Merritt, age 10


“I love to see Megan sitting at the piano without my urging and play for pleasure.”
~Anne, mother of Megan, age 13


“Congratulations, Beth. Your work with these students speaks for itself. There is amazing artistry going on!”
~Linda, mother of Ellie, age 17


From Piano Teachers

“In addition to being a fine performing pianist, she is a thoroughly knowledgeable teacher of the Taubman Approach, which she has been teaching for many years. She is qualified to work with any student, whether injured or simply desiring to perform with artistry unimpeded by technical limitations. Her focus and pursuit of a fine technique has been outstanding, and her devotion has been evinced by the persistence shown in traveling across the country to master the technique (Taubman Approach).  I recommend Elizabeth without reservation as a teacher for anyone wishing to learn the Taubman technique.”
~Eleanor Hancock, Former Faculty, Dorothy Taubman Institute, 1977-2006.


“Beth individualizes her teaching approach to each particular student. She handles every student with wisdom, sensitivity, and enthusiasm.  Ms. Grace frequently gave extra time and attention to students, resulting in individual transformations in both pianistic approach and musical understanding. She is a consummate musician and teacher and I believe that excellent students benefit greatly from working with her.”
~Constance Cook Glen, Director, University of Denver Lamont School of Music Pre-College Academy


“She has made an enormous contribution to our profession in the area of injury prevention.”
~Nancy Kaesler, NCTM, Colorado Music Teachers Association, past president


“There isn’t a technical problem or question you can’t handle.”
~Piano Faculty, University of Missouri, St. Louis


“I used to push and push until it hurt.   Now all of my playing feels easier.  My octaves feel so much more relaxed than they used to.”
~Nationally Certified Teacher, Overland Park, KS


“After working with Ms. Grace, I don’t feel like I have to make my hands work so hard to play the notes and my forearms are not sore at all from playing the big octaves.”
~Oklahoma Piano Teacher


“I wanted a teacher who would help me integrate the way I use my physical body to interpret and play the music.  Beth has been just that person.  When it feels right, the music is more beautiful.”
~Nationally Certified Teacher, Topeka, KS