Welcome to Grace Notes Piano Studio

Grace Notes Piano Studio is dedicated to teaching students to play with musical artistry and physical comfort. Each student receives an individualized program of study integrating repertoire, music theory, and healthy technique.

Grace Notes Piano Studio stresses the development of correct musical and technical habits through daily, focused practice sessions. Students are taught to produce beautiful tone and unravel technical problems that inhibit artistic expression. Through piano study, students also gain confidence, self-discipline and creative thinking skills.

Grace Notes Piano Studio includes young beginners, school age students, private teachers, injured pianists, serious adult amateurs, college instructors and professional performers. All students are taught in a motivating and enthusiastic environment. Numerous performance opportunities, both competitive and non-competitive, are offered. Virtual lessons are available.

Grace Notes Piano Studio strives to maximize each student’s potential at the piano, opening the door to a lifetime of musical fulfillment.

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Teaching Teens
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