Grace Notes Piano Studio teaches students to replace previously harmful habits with healthy physical motions. As students incorporate well-coordinated movements into their playing, they are capable of unraveling technical problems.  Physical limitations disappear and music-making flourishes.

Elizabeth Mueller Grace recovered from a career-threatening hand injury. Read Beth Grace’s Personal Injury Story.

Ms. Grace is a certified at the Master Level of the Taubman Approach through the Golandsky Institute, New York City and has been involved with the Taubman Approach since 1986.

She studied with Eleanor Hancock in New York City for 20 years and currently coaches with Edna Golandsky and John Bloomfield, New York City.

Ms. Grace attracts students seeking additional training because of injury or technical limitations to her studios in New York City and in the Kansas City area. Lessons may be regular or on an as needed basis.  She also teaches via Skype. Ms. Grace has worked with pianists from the United States, South America and Europe. Her work with injured musicians is described in Preventing and Resolving Piano Injury  (download article here) and is featured in and


Playing with Pain & Tension

Causes of Injury

Listening to Your Body

Case Study

Students wishing to learn more about the rehabilitation process and fees should contact Beth Grace.