Elizabeth Mueller Grace is available to conduct workshops in a variety of lengths and formats.
All can be presented independently or combined with Master Classes and Technique Clinics.

A Sampling of Workshop Titles

  • Beyond Scales and Hanon: Navigating Chords and Octaves
  • Fingering Strategies to Enhance Musical Meaning
  • Musical Destination — Technical Journey
  • Pedaling: An Under-taught Tool
  • Pianistic Gymnastics: Mastering Trills, Broken Octaves and Leaps
  • Technical Tools: Fundamentals that Create a Solid Foundation

  • Do You Hear What I Hear? Secrets of Voicing
  • Tone Without Tension: Creating a Soundscape People Want to Hear

“Beyond Scales and Hanon” Workshop
  • From Method Book to Mozart: When to Introduce What?
  • Repertoire Warhorses:  Using Musical Favorites to Improve Technique
  • Self-Diagnosis: Teaching Students Problem-Solving Practice Strategies
  • Trials and Triumphs of Transfer Students: Diagnostic Tools to Ease the Transition
  • Underappreciated Gems of the Contemporary Literature

For further information, please contact Elizabeth Grace.