What does the Teacher Expect of Students?

  • Demonstrate a positive and eager attitude
  • Prepare written and keyboard assignments
  • Bring all required materials to every lesson
  • Practice daily, including the evening of the lesson
  • Complete practice chart with parent’s signature

What does the Teacher Expect of Parents?

  • Provide:
    • a quiet practice area
    • an acoustic piano, tuned yearly *
    • adequate lighting
    • a metronome
    • seating with the correct bench height for the student
    • a foot stool if student’s feet do not touch the floor
  • Establish a daily practice schedule
  • Listen to practice sessions frequently
  • Read and sign the student’s assignment notebook each week
  • Ensure the student arrives and departs on time
  • Pay tuition on the first lesson of every month
  • Facilitate attendance at lessons and other scheduled events
  • Attend classical concerts with your child

What should the Student and Parent Expect of the Teacher?

  • Demonstrate a positive and eager attitude
  • Display knowledge and expertise in the field
  • Maintain membership in National and Local Music Organizations
  • Facilitate student participation in area music events
  • Prepare piano repertoire for concert performances
  • Exhibit knowledge of current teaching materials, techniques and ideas
  • Attend workshops, meetings and conferences for continuing education
* Families are strongly encouraged to own an acoustic piano.  Nothing can approximate the tone, action and responsiveness of this instrument.  Electric keyboards are not adequate for proper training.