Private Lessons

Private lessons are given to students of all ages and levels.  Students receive a 45 or 60 minute private lesson weekly, except during the weeks of Master Classes and Studio Recitals. An individualized, comprehensive curriculum is taught, introducing students to literature from all style periods. Theory, music history, tone production, and healthy technique are integrated into each lesson.

For information about Adult and Injured Student Policies and fee structure, please contact Elizabeth Grace.

Master Classes

These small, informal group classes provide an opportunity for performing by memory, theory/music history instruction, and camaraderie.  Held approximately every 8 weeks, these 60-90 minute classes replace the weekly private lesson.

Performance Opportunities

All students perform in yearly Studio Recitals. Numerous competitive and non-competitive performance opportunities are also offered, and all students are encouraged to participate as is appropriate.

Studio Year

The Studio Year runs from June through May. Thirty-eight weeks of instruction are given. A full Studio Calendar for the year will be given listing the available weeks for lessons. Students are welcome to request additional lessons at any time.


Tuition covers lessons, classes, event preparation and continuing education. Tuition is based on 38 weeks of instruction. If paying monthly, payments are due in June, July and September through May. Calculated for the Studio Year, rather than as an hourly charge or by the lesson, the monthly tuition remains the same for eleven months, although the number of lessons each month may vary. Tuition will be pro-rated for students beginning mid-year.

Tuition is due on or before the first lesson day of the month, or may be paid by the semester/year with cash, check or automatic payment through a bank.  The full monthly tuition is due regardless of attendance.


To secure a place in Grace Notes Piano Studio and to cover other administrative expenses, an annual, non-refundable Registration Fee of $80 is due with the Registration Form. Registration for lessons constitutes an acceptance of all Studio Policies.

Student Music/Activity Account

Music is purchased by the teacher as needed.  Upon enrollment, parents are asked to make an initial deposit of $75.00 to cover these expenses.  An individual account is established for each student; parents will be notified when the account balance is low.  Music purchases (plus $1.00 or $1.05 per item for tax and/or shipping) and event fees are deducted as is applicable.   Any balance remaining at the end of the Studio Year will carry over to the following year, or refunded if the student terminates lessons according to the terms of the Studio Policies.  A recital fee of $10.00 will be deducted from the student’s account for each recital in which the student participates.

Late Payments

A $30.00 Late Payment Penalty will be deducted from the student’s Music-Activity Account for tuition payments received later than 2 days after the due date or checks returned due to insufficient funds.  If payment is missed on the first lesson of the month, please mail the check to be received within 2 days.

Missed Lessons

Enrollment in the Studio reserves a student’s weekly lesson time for the entire Studio Year. It represents a mutual commitment of availability by both the teacher and student. Once a time is scheduled and agreed upon, it is unavailable for another student. Every effort should be made to attend all scheduled lessons and Master Classes. There are no refunds or credits given for missed lessons for any reason.

Schedule Conflict– Should a conflict arise, parents may switch lesson times with another student. The teacher will provide contact information and should be notified when a change has been made. If a trade isn’t possible, the yearly schedule includes an extra Bonus Week of private lessons or a group class as a built-in makeup for unavoidable conflicts.

Illness – If a student has a fever or misses school on the lesson day, please use the Bonus Make-up Week rather than having the student attend when ill.

Weather – The Studio does not close due to weather.  Please exercise good judgment and attend only if the roads can be safely navigated. Lessons missed due to inclement weather will be given online or made up during the Bonus Make-up Week.

Makeup lessons given for any reason, including teacher absences, will be given as a private or group lesson.


The cornerstone for musical success is daily, focused practice. Practicing is a physical skill that requires many correct repetitions to achieve accuracy, consistency and mastery. It is NOT playing through a piece until a mistake happens, and then moving on. Encourage your child to practice small sections slowly and accurately to establish correct habits from the outset of learning a new piece.

Parents are asked to help their child establish and maintain a regular practice time.  All students should practice 6 days a week. Although quality is more important than quantity, as a guideline, elementary students should practice 30 minutes a day.  Third year students and above will benefit from 45 minutes daily, with late intermediate and advanced students practicing an hour or more per day.

The addition of an acoustic piano, tuned yearly, a quiet setting, a metronome and a motivated student will lead to great progress.

Student Safety

To ensure each student’s safety, please drop off and pick up the student on time. Parents should notify the teacher if someone other than the parent will be transporting the student. Students are to remain inside until the parent has arrived and can be seen in front of the Studio.


Every family is strongly encouraged to own an acoustic piano as nothing can approximate the tone, action and responsiveness of this instrument. Electric keyboards are not adequate for proper training.

Leaving the Studio

It is expected that a student will study for the full nine month school year. If lessons must be discontinued, please contact the teacher in person.  The preferred time to leave is at the end of the fall semester.  Thirty days notice is required and a month’s tuition will be due from the date notice is given, to give the teacher time to fill the slot. The teacher reserves the right to dismiss a student who is frequently absent, shows a lack of lesson readiness, or is practicing insufficiently to benefit from the lessons.